The Neonfish

el-pez-de-neon_5“To save his daughter´s life a desperate father will have to face a ferocious myth”

Leonardo, fisherman of the town of San Andrés, must travel against time and nature to the deep of the sea in search of the giant and mythological “Neonfish” that contains the luminous oil that can save the life of his daughter.

Number one in new releases on category world literatura and tales and myths, January 2017. Also, when you buy a copy, you are donating another to a child of low resources.




The Tales of the Silence


Many tales founded in the silence of a storyteller.

“Hermelinda and Raúl” a tender story of friendship beyond the economic and social classes, “The chronicles of someone” four urban stories on a rainy day, and “The short stories of other times” stories that accompany the steps of a tireless traveler.





En la Luna

51xti8hoylManuel wants to travel to the moon to safe his mother’s life.

Manuel is a nine-year-old boy who, one night after a dream, runs away with his mother to his grandfather’s house, a wise man who teaches him the secrets of life, the stars and the Moon, however, a unexpected loss, the arrival of a new neighbor, the discovery of a white being and the decision of a confused mother will make Manuel start an inevitable journey to the Moon.