About Steven Salgado

Based on Miami, Florida, Steven Salgado is an awarded actor, mime, writer, producer, director, founder of Salgado Studios, a film and media production company and Co-founder of Tamara & Steven, a kids and families performing arts organization.

Steven was born in Lima, Peru (1980). He studied acting at MALI (1994), clown at Bola Roja (2006), theatre at The National School of Drama of (2008) and mime at The School of the Silence (2010) After that, Steven moved to Miami, Florida (2012).

In USA, Steven has earned an A.S Degree in Film Production at Miami Dade College (2017), a B.A.S in Film, Television and Digital Production at Miami Dade College (2021) and a Certificate in Film & Television Industry Essentials at New York University (2022).


“Creativity is achieved thanks to the breadth and depth soul of the artist”


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