Steven Salgado_Bio

Steven Salgado was born on February 11, 1980, in Lima, Peru. He is a film director, writer, and actor who has developed most of his career in the USA.

He was awarded an HOLA 2017 for the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors of New York.

In his filmmaking career, he has directed the feature film Cinderella: The Enchanted Beginning (2018) Read more about him

“To save his daughter´s life a desperate father will have to face a ferocious myth”


THE NEON FISH A tale written by Steven Salgado. Find it on Kindle or Papperback on (Spanish version)

“Manuel wants to travel to the moon to safe his mother’s life”

IN THE MOON A tale written by Steven Salgado. Find it on Kindle or Papperback on (Spanish version)



“Many tales founded in the silence of a storyteller.”

TALES OF THE SILENCE a book Written by Steven Salgado. Find It on Kindle or Paperback on (Spanish version)



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