Steven Salgado_BioSteven Salgado is a director, writer, actor, and CEO founder of Salgado Studios LLC He was born in Lima, Perú in 1980. He lives in Miami, Florida since 2012. He has directed and written the independent films “Cinderella” (2018) “Rapunzel” (2019) “A Christmas Carol” (2019) and “Snow White” (2020). He has published the books “In the Moon” (2013) “Tales of the Silence” (2014) and “The Neonfish” (2017). He has performed many plays in cities such as Miami, New York, Merida, and Lima.

As an actor, He was awarded an HOLA as Best Assembly Cast by the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors of New York (2017) and as a filmmaker, He was awarded an Audience Award, at FilmGate Nola in Miami, a Best Inspirational Short Film, at 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival in Palm Bay and an Award of Commendation, at Canada Short Film Festival, by his short film Tango Dreams (2017).

“I would like to highlight the work of Steven Salgado, a very talented young man with a great future.”

Jose Abreu Felippe – The New Herald Miami


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